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CMP is under an obligation to consider the environment and restrict hazardous materials to prescribed areas.

Hot work (welding or grinding metal) requires a special permit, obtainable on application from the Marina Office.

Owners should ensure that their vessels insurance covers the following items.

  1. Adequate cover to indemnify the Company against loss or damate caused by Owners, their Crew, vessel, trailer or cradle.*
  2. Adequate cover in respect of any accident, which includes third party liability of at least £5,000,000
  3. Adequate cover for loss or damage caused by circumstances beyond reasonable control of the Company, as described under LIABILITY in the Company Terms of Business.
  4. Adequate salvage insurance in espect of their vessel.

*Sub-contractors are required to register with Mid & East Antrim B C to carry out work on Council property. Approval can be arranged through the office at Carrickfergus Marina. Owners should satisly themelves that any person working on their vessel, other than employees of Carrick Marine Projects, is adequately insured.