Carrick Marine Projects

Boat LiftingBoat Storage
• 45 ton Roodberg travel hoist with a 2.5 ton crane for lifting mast, engines etc.
• Galvanised boat cradles designed for Knanpstra boat moving trailer.
• Tenamast stands for power boats.

Hull cleaning & polishing
• Below waterline power washed at time of lift out.
• Topsides cleaned (on request) with a fine cutting paste before polishing
• Quality polish finish protects the gel coat from UV degradation.

Boat Storage
• Secure boat yard allows access for boat owners by a pedestrian gate with a key pad.
• Specially designed boat cradles support boats while on the hard standing.
• In the event of severe weather boats are securely strapped down.
• Power and water supplies are available from pillars spaced round the yard.
• On consultation with the Company boatowners are welcome to work on their own boats.

A range of antifouls available for hull & outlegs.
Antifouling service or DIY

Copper Coating
Do away with the annual chore of hull preparation and applying antifoul. Fine copper powder suspended in epoxy resin applied to your hull gives protection against fouling for minimum 5 years. An annual wash and rub down is all that is required.

Soda Blasting
Gently removes the built up layers of antifoul leaving the hull ready for priming, applying an epoxy coating prior to antifouling or Copper Coating.

Hull epoxying
An epoxy coating applied to a GRP hull protects against moisture absorption and osmosis.

Anode Replacement
Sacrificial anodes prevent damage to propellers and through-hull fittings by electrolysis.

Diesel fuel supplies

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